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DICE Dosing Module
Meunier Technologies | Dosing Module

Meunier Technologies DICE [ DI ] dosing modules integrate all the necessary discharge components required for a typical chemical dosing system Available in multiple sizes, materials, and configurations - allowing it to replace traditional dosing systems in most applications.

DICE Dosing Systems
Meunier Technologies | Chemical Dosing System

Meunier Technologies [ DD ] DICE dosing systems combine a DICE Dosing Module, Peabody PCS containment skid or enclosure, and Chemical Metering Pumps based on your application need and preferences to deliver a compact, easy to install, and leak-free chemical dosing system. Available in multiple sizes, materials, and configurations - allowing complete flexibility within the pre-engineered footprint.

DICE Spare Part Kits
Meunier Technologies | Maintenance Kits

Meunier Technologies [ DICE Parts Kits ] include everything you need to service and maintain your DICE Dosing Module

DICE Multi-function Valve
Meunier Technologies | Multi-function Valve

Meunier Technologies [ DICE ES ] multi-function valve mounts directly to most chemical metering pumps. It integrates an adjustable Pressure Relief Valve, adjustable Back Pressure Valve, Pressure Gauge, and Bleed Valve into a compact design.