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EJ | EJ Series

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EJ | EJ Series
Iwaki's [ EJ ] Series solenoid metering pumps
Key Specs
Pressure Max
175 psi
Feed Max
3.2 GPH
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EJ Series

The EJ Series provide precise chemical injection at an economical price.

Universal voltage capability enables operation from 100 - 240 VAC in virtually all countries.

The EJ Series are compact, simple to operate and have outputs to 3.2 GPH (12.0 LPH) and a maximum pressure of 175 PSI (1.2 MPa).

Features & Benefits
Summary of Key Benefits
  • High Speed Performance The EJ Series operate at 360 strokes-per-minute, providing high resolution chemical feed and high turndown capability. Most competitive products operate at slower speeds, resulting in slug feeding, accelerated diaphragm wear and poor feed control.

  • Universal Voltage The Universal Voltage Function enables the EJ Series to operate at any AC voltage. The EJ Series also conform to global Standards.

  • External Control The EJ Series have both digital input and Stop/Start inputs built into the pump, enabling either proportional or On/Off control.

  • IP65 Equivalent Protection A robust housing protects the pump from normal wear. Mounting the Digital Display and Key Pad control within the drive housing creates a highly water resistant design. A clear cover further protects the pump from liquids.

Feed Max
3.2 GPH
Pressure Max
175 psi
Stroke Rate
360 SPM
Power Input
15 W
Load Max
0.8 A