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Peabody's [ PVS ] Storage, Bins, and Basins [ PailVault ]
Base Model
BB | Storage, Bins, and Basins
PVS | PailVault
5 | Fits 5 Gallon Jerican-style pails
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ProChem PailVault

Protect your chemicals in 5-gallon pails from costly and harmful spills with Peabody Engineering’s ProChem PailVault, a modular chemical resistant containment enclosure that exceeds EPA’s 40CFR regulations on secondary containment requirements. The PailVault’s rotationally molded linear polyethylene construction provides a durable enclosure that keeps your chemicals safe and secure from chemical spills, which can cause workplace injuries and costly environmental clean-up.

Features & Benefits
  • Rugged Chemical-Resistant LDPE Construction for years of trouble-free service (Other materials available)
  • Modular design allows for multiple units of safe, isolated containment enclosures
  • Over 120% containment in each module for safe, EPA-compliant storage of 30 gallons
  • UV and weather-resistant for long service life in direct sunlight and outdoor exposure
  • Integral pump suction port connection available
  • Optional Rigid suction tube with foot valve and tubing connection
  • Each unit ts (1) 5-gallon pail, JeriCan or other small container
  • Locking cover option with tamper-proof security screws
  • Lightweight - Only weighs 12 lbs - easily handled by one person
  • Compact Design - Measures 20” x 13.75” x 24” - ts in tight spaces
  • Rated for temperatures up to 140 degrees F
  • Can be bolted to oor or other at surface
  • Optional Leak-detection alarm
  • Available in choice of colors
  • Custom Company Logos available
Alternate configurations
SKU Description List price -
PEA-25331946 253-31946 | ProChem PailVault - Standard - Blue $193.79
PEA-25332013 253-32013 | ProChem PailVault - Standard - Natural $193.79
PEA-25332292 253-32292 | ProChem PailVault - Deluxe - Blue $206.23
PEA-25332293 253-32293 | ProChem PailVault - Deluxe - Natural $206.23