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Storage, Bins, and Basins

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BB | Storage, Bins, and Basins
Peabody Engineering's [ BB ] Storage, Bins, and Basins
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ProChem PailVault

Protect your chemicals in 5-gallon pails from costly and harmful spills with Peabody Engineering’s ProChem PailVault, a modular chemical resistant containment enclosure that exceeds EPA’s 40CFR regulations on secondary containment requirements. The PailVault’s rotationally molded linear polyethylene construction provides a durable enclosure that keeps your chemicals safe and secure from chemical spills, which can cause workplace injuries and costly environmental clean-up.

ProChem PailVault PLUS

ProChem PailVault PLUS allows operators the option of securing their metering pump to one side of the removable cover while having the convenience of removing the other half to exchange their 5-gallon Jerican-style pails without disturbing the mounted pump. This option is available in a complete unit by ordering a PailVault PLUS or you can buy the PLUS Lid only for use on PailVaults you already have in the field. Available in standard colors of Blue or Natural. Special Colors available on request.

ProChem Basins

Designed to provide secondary containment for tanks ProChem Basins meets or exceeds EPA’s 49 CFR secondary containment requirements.

ChemFeed Bin

Gemini ChemFeed Bin is designed to safely contain your single-walled process tank and provide an integral mounting surface for Chemical Feed pumps or other equipment.